Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day of Quiet

Ghazni Province, Afghanistan was eerily quiet on Saturday, a day after up to twelve hostages were seized by a Taliban affiliated militant group. Afghan government officials report that the hunt continues for the group responsible for the slayings of seven US servicemen, and presumably the murder of German Army Lieutenant Maria Stadler. After an early morning shootout in Ghazni City, no violence has been reported. Sources inside ISAF indicate that the shootout was related to the search for hostages, but there has been no independent confirmation of this. The militant group, "Warriors of Hattin" has stated that they will kill another hostage at 9pm this evening Kabul time; just under four hours from now. The militant group's demands include the release of prisoners in Kandahar, the paying of a ransom, and certain changes in ISAF practice in Afghanistan.


This is part of a foreign policy simulation for the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce. The events depicted are not actually happening.